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Côte d'Ivoire
   May 18, 2017
   May 25, 2017
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   Ms. Carla Silva
Côte d'Ivoire
   (225) 2026 4416/5516/5406
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1. Introduction / Background
The responsibility for independent evaluation at the African Development Bank Group (AfDB or the Bank) rests with the Independent Development Evaluation department (BDEV or IDEV). The department’s overarching mission is to enhance the development effectiveness of the Bank’s interventions. It does so through supporting both learning and accountability, as well as promoting a culture of evaluation within the Bank and its Regional Member Countries.
BDEV hereby invites individual consultants - with extensive expertise in public sector governance and budget support issues, – to indicate their interest in the following assignment: support to the evaluation of governance portfolio within the AfDB Country Strategy and Program Evaluation (CSPE) in Cape Verde (2008-2017). The main tasks will involve: a) contributing to finalize the evaluation inception report, b) leading the governance portfolio
evaluation (including Policy- and/or Program-based operations(PBO1) and Institutional Strengthening Projects (ISP), including data collection and analysis, stakeholders’ consultation, preparation of a stand-alone annex and c) providing inputs to the overall evaluation report managed by the BDEV Task Manager.
2. Objectives of the Assignment
The overall objective of the assignment is to provide support to the evaluation of the Bank’s portfolio on governance – PBOs and ISPs- in the framework of the Country and Strategy Paper Evaluation (CSPE) in Cape Verde, referred to above. The consultant is expected to also consider the ongoing IDEV work of the PBO evaluations (phase II). The Consultant is expected to support the evaluation, through the planning, inception, data collection phases. As deliverables, the consultant should provide a stand-alone annex for the CSPE report and provide key inputs to the overall evaluation report.
3. Main activities and deliverables
Under the guidance of the Task Manager, the main duties of the Consultant will be:
* Assist the BDEV team to finalize the approach paper, including clear evaluation questions and evaluation tools and an operational agenda for the field missions;
* Conduct a desk review of the CSPs, relevant project reports and other relevant strategies, policy documents and general literature review, around the governance portfolio under evaluation;
* Conduct data collection and field visits, including discussions with Bank’s staff and government officials, other donors’ representatives with relevant experience in governance issues and directly/indirectly involved in the CSP design and implementation;
* Ensure note taking in meetings, as well as during evaluation interviews/focus groups in order to keep track with the evidence to sustain evaluation conclusions;
* Collection and analysis of additional secondary quantitative and qualitative data related to each of operations in the governance portfolio to be used in the evaluation;
* Writing-up of a stand-alone annex about the evaluation of the governance portfolio in Cape Verde;
* Revise draft reports based on the comments received from BDEV and other key stakeholders;
* Provision of inputs to the overall evaluation report, with focus on the governance sections.
* Other duties identified as supporting the smooth and efficient running of the CSPE.
In these tasks the highest standards of data collection, organization, analysis and presentation will be required, trying to align as much as possible to the main work lines established in the CSPE approach paper elaborated by the BDEV team.

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